Innovation training and training in creativity should result in changes in working practices so that fresh thinking and new ideas are developed.

Understanding how to be creative and how innovation and lateral thinking happen, are important first steps in building organisations’ creative capacity. Critical and Creative Thinking is fundamental to skilling people for problem solving, continuous process improvement, and innovation on the frontline.




Focusing on achieving real results from clear thinking

Creatively solving problems and make better decisions – faster

Planning and managing change more thoroughly and effectively

This training is for anyone involved in developing or implementing strategy.
It will explore what you can do to ensure that your most useful thoughts are translated into practical plans and effective behaviours to unlock your creativity and innovation and transform ideas into reality.

Training Includes

  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Innovation

Key Benefits

From thinking creatively around your vision, to stages of planning and finally communicating the vision to others, we will be there to support you through the steps of effective strategic planning to achieve grounded and measurable outcomes.
By examining a range of simple tools that will alter the basic approach to thinking, participants will:

  • Understand the nature of critical and creative thinking and how they combine to give you a powerful problem solving framework.
  • Appreciate how the deliberate application of critical thinking leads to creativity on demand and inspires innovation at all levels.
  • Be able to focus their creative energy when and where desired.